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To Simplify Complex Legal Problems

Determine Parentage, Support And Time Sharing With A Paternity Action

When parents are not married to each other, a paternity action can settle legal questions that will clarify rights and responsibilities for a child’s sake and for the benefit of both parents.

Unmarried parents can voluntarily establish paternity through affirmations signed at the hospital where the mother gives birth. The father’s name will be on the birth certificate.

Advantages Of Legal Establishment Of Paternity

Then each parent can pursue goals for the child’s benefit, such as:

  • Child support: A mother can pursue child support from the father when he has been legally identified.
  • A parenting plan: A father can seek a court order establishing shared parenting time once his paternity is established.
  • Eligibility for health insurance, inheritance and more: With paternity formalized on a birth certificate, the child can be covered by the father’s health insurance and enjoy other financial and legal advantages.

What If…?

What if you and your child’s other parent did not get paternity established at the hospital? Up until the child turns 18, you can still submit an affirmation signed by both of you establishing parentage. Then you can pursue a corrected birth certificate.

What if you seek to establish paternity for your child but the other parent will not cooperate? Contact a family law attorney for help to pursue a civil court order based on DNA or other factors.

Confronting Complications

If determining the parentage of your child seems complicated for any reason, rest assured that you are not alone. Jeffrey P. Cario, P.A., can help you determine what type of legal action you need and how to go about it most efficiently. Consult with attorneys Jeffrey P. Cario and Kimberly A. Scarano regarding any family law situation such as:

  • Surrogacy
  • An unknown or absent father
  • Frozen embryos; artificial insemination and other special circumstances
  • Termination of parental rights before the adoption of a child

Attorneys Jeffrey P. Cario and Kimberly A. Scarano are caring lawyers who will not waste time. They are ready to pursue whatever legal remedy you need to have resolved that has to do with your child’s paternity.

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