Brooksville and Spring Hill Criminal Law Firm

Defending clients in Florida

You have rights during a criminal investigation.  To present a strong defense, you need the representation of a high quality criminal attorney.  That is when you need Jeffrey P. Cario, P.A.

Our attorneys help clients throughout Florida.  We represent clients in local, state, and federal courts in Hernando, Pasco, Sumter, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Citrus Counties.

There are many cases with which we can help you and your loved ones:

  • Driving Under the Influence/DUI
  • Traffic offenses
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Bond hearings/reductions
  • Sex crimes
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug offenses
  • Violation of probation
  • Violation of injunctions
  • Firearm and weapons charges
  • Burglary
  • Battery and violent crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Arson
  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Expungements and sealing records


You need legal representation immediately when you face criminal charges.  Contact our office to speak to a criminal defense lawyer and begin working on a solution.

Clearing your record of a criminal conviction

The law firm of Jeffrey P. Cario, P.A., understands how devastating a criminal record can be and how negatively it affects your life. Through the expungement process, we can help return your record to the state it was prior to an arrest, investigation, or detention.

There are some reasons your case may be ineligible for expungement:

  • Time requirement not met
  • Additional convictions
  • Previous expungement
  • Pending arrest
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Conviction of sexual offense

We explain the expungement process thoroughly and advise you as to whether you would benefit from erasing a conviction.  We also assist in sealing records.

The law firm of Jeffrey P. Cario, P.A. assists you through a criminal defense case from start to finish.  Contact our attorneys if the police detain you, charge you with a crime, or if you wish to clear your criminal record in Florida.

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