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Understanding Parenting Plans, Time Sharing And Shared Parental Responsibility

When married parents divorce or when unmarried parents separate or negotiate parental rights and responsibilities in Florida, preparing a parenting plan is fundamental. What many people have traditionally called child custody is known by other terms in Florida family law statutes. The laws in this state refer to:

  • Parenting plans, include time-sharing arrangements, which should be detailed and include information about how parents will communicate with children
  • Parental responsibility in matters such as medical, dental and school records and oversight

When a Florida family law court approves or determines parenting plans and time-sharing arrangements, the court will do so in accordance to the Florida statutes and taking into consideration of the best interest of the children.

What Florida Family Law Courts Look For In Custody Matters

A family law judge will normally pay close attention to parents’ expressed desires when approving or modifying parenting plans. In addition, a court may consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Each parent’s capacity for maintaining a “close and continuing parent-child relationship”
  • The anticipated division of parental responsibilities, including what amount may be delegated to third parties
  • The demonstrated capacity of each parent to act according to what a child needs
  • The length of time that a child has already lived in a stable environment
  • Geographic considerations, including school needs and anticipated travel time
  • Parents’ moral fitness and health
  • A child’s preferences when a child is mature enough to express them thoughtfully
  • Parents’ awareness of important aspects of a child’s life
This is only a partial list of considerations that may have an impact on your family’s future as you are going through a divorce or separation. At this pivotal time in your family’s life, you are wise to turn to a knowledgeable and caring lawyer who is also aggressive when necessary and highly experienced in the courtroom.

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