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Understand distractions to avoid distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Driving is something that most Floridians must do regularly. Whether they drive to work, school, or out for errands, many adults have drivers’ licenses and vehicles with which to get from one place to another. When a driver gets into their vehicle, they must prepare themselves to operate their automobile as carefully as possible.

That can mean avoiding driving distractions before they even leave their home. This post will discuss driving distractions to educate individuals on their dangers. Accidents with distracted drivers are common, and when they happen victims may have rights to seek compensation for their losses.

Taking your hands off the wheel

Whenever a driver takes their hands off the wheel, they are committing a manual driving distraction. Drivers do this often, when they reach for something on another seat or dial a number on their phone. Manual driving distractions cause drivers to lose control and can result in violent accidents.

Taking your mind off the drive

Though they may not be as easy to see as manual distractions, cognitive distractions are a real danger. They happen when drivers let their minds wander. A cognitively distracted driver may daydream, plan, think about work or family, or engage in other thoughts instead of concentrating on the road.

Taking your eyes off the road

Failing to watch the road is a common reason that accidents happen and the foundation of visual distractions. Drivers often see things in their vehicles or outside of their cars that distract them and draw their attention away from what is in front of them. When this happens, they may not see an obstruction before them and may cause a dangerous collision.

By understanding driving distractions, drivers can prepare themselves for safe drives on Florida roads. When they eliminate their own distractions, they can be ready to respond to others who have not prioritized the health and safety of themselves and others. A distracted driving accident can be devastating, but legal options exist for those who suffer losses in them.