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Shared parental responsibility is generally preferred in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Family Law

Divorcing parents may worry about the difficulties of co-parenting following the divorce. Every family will likely face different challenges depending on a number of factors, but generally, the most successful co-parents are parents that can put their personal feelings aside and work together for the sake of their children.

Nowadays, Florida courts encourage a shared parenting arrangement whenever possible, to ensure that both parents remain actively involved in their children’s’ lives once the divorce is finalized. However, in certain cases, shared parenting may not be the best option and sole parental responsibility will be awarded to one parent.

Shared parental responsibility

In many shared parenting situations, both parents will be responsible for the child for a certain number of days each year and both parents will work together to make decisions relating to the child’s life. However, shared parental responsibility does not mean that the children will spend exactly 50 percent of the year with one parent and 50 percent of the year with the other parent. A parenting plan will be established to determine a time-sharing arrangement that serves the best interest of the child. The needs of the children, the living environment of each parent, distance between the parents’ houses, and various other factors will be considered when making this determination.

Sole parental responsibility

Sole parental responsibility essentially means that one parent will make all decisions relating to the child. This is typically only awarded in cases where one parent is unwilling or unable to care for the child, or in cases where shared parenting responsibility would be unsafe or harmful for the child.

Navigating the divorce process can be overwhelming. A family law attorney in Florida can help you and your ex make coparenting arrangements and make sure your children are protected throughout the process.