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How much will a divorce set you back?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Family Law

While couples in Florida are hopeful that their marriage will stand the test of time, the reality is that not all marriages are everlasting. Divorce remains common in society, and it is something every individual should view as a possibility when getting married. Life can bring a lot of unexpected events, and divorce could certainly be one of them. This can hit a spouse especially hard because one is often not aware of the costs associated with this process.

Costs of a divorce

How much a divorce will set a spouse back can range significantly. This is due to a wide range of factors. If the divorce contested or not, does a marital agreement such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement exist, is mediation necessary, is it high conflict and is litigation necessary? These can significantly impact the price tag of a divorce.

Uncontested divorce

When a divorce is uncontested, it can proceed much more quickly and is often the cheapest way to divorce because it likely does not involve any court appearances. If the divorcing spouses can agree on all the terms, the process may only cost the filing fees.

Even when a divorce is uncontested, there may be disagreements on certain issues. This could lead to a mediated divorce as a means to resolve these outstanding issues. If just mediation is needed and court is still not involved, this could increase the process by around $1000.

Contested divorce

For these matters, court will be necessary to resolve the matter. The more complex the case the more it will cost. In most of these cases, a lawyer will be necessary to help work through custody, support, asset division and other outstanding issues. Because this can quickly add up, roughly 90% of contested divorces are settled before trial. On average, a divorce that is settled could cost around $10,000 while one that goes to trial costs twice that amount.

The process to divorce is not the same to everyone, but the decisions made are often similar. Thus, it is important to understand what needs to be addressed in the divorce matter and what rights one has moving forward. This can help a spouse obtain the most optimal outcome when seeking a divorce.