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Can I modify my child support order in Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Family Law

When child support concerns become significant, parents may wonder what modification options are available. Child support modification options can help both paying and recipient parents in Florida modify child support.

How do I modify child support?

Parents seeking a child support modification in Florida can ask the family law court or Child Support Program of the Florida Department of Revenue agency to modify their child support order and will need to follow these steps:

  • The parent seeking the child support modification will need to provide their financial information to the Child Support Program.
  • Once the Child Support Program has received the request to modify child support from either parent, it will ask the other parent to provide their financial information.
  • Once the Child Support Program has received financial information from both parents, it will review the request to modify child support to determine if there has been a substantial, permanent and involuntary change that would create the need for a child support modification.
  • If the Child Support Program determines the child support should be modified, it will take the next steps to make the modification. The next steps in the process depend on if the child support order is a court order or administrative support order. If it determines child support should not be modified, the parents will be notified of its decision by letter.

What to keep in mind when seeking modification

It is important for parents seeking a child support modification to keep in mind that they need to abide by all existing child support orders until any change has been legally made. Child support modifications can be important for both parents. The family law process can help parents seeking child support modifications which is why parents should be familiar with the process and also how they can demonstrate a change in circumstances to qualify for a modification.