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Mary-Kate Olsen’s Zoom divorce shows trend continues into 2021

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Family Law

Remember when the term, “zoom” was how we described a speeding vehicle. Now, for many of us, Zoom is our life. We interact over it for work, for friends and even social engagements now. Zoom party games is a thing now. But, Zoom divorce? Yes. With so much of life changing over this past year, it should come as little surprise that divorces are now being done over zoom, even celebrity divorces.

The celebrity divorce

There has been many high-profile divorce filings over the past few months, but one that many may have forgotten about is the divorce between Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. Their divorce was announced shortly before March, but much like the entire court system, their divorce was put on pause. Now that the courts have reopened though, their divorce is being finalized over Zoom.

The changing landscape of divorce

For a big chunk of last year, courts across the country, including family law courts, were shut down. This put divorces on hold, and stopped many from being able to file for divorce. But, now that courts have reopened, two things are significantly different.

First, the time required to divorce is ever increasing. For those that already filed, they are navigating the system now, but an already large backlog of cases only increased over the past year. Plus, with the forced togetherness, the number of people wanting a divorce has also increased. This mean that courts are dealing with an existing backlog, the backlog from when the courts were shutdown and now, an increased number of people looking to divorce. This means the divorce process naturally takes much longer now than in the past.

Second, in-person proceedings are a rarity throughout the country. Divorce proceedings, including attorney-client meetings are being held over teleconferencing software, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

While the divorce process is flued for those in Hernando County, Florida, Citrus, Sumter, and Pasco Counties, we are here to help. While the process may be a bit more complicated now, we can make the process much easier.