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Fears of divorce tsunami may have been overblown

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Family Law

Throughout last year, we all heard about the coming divorce tsunami. This was he expected wave of divorces that industry experts predicted would occur as a result of all the forced togetherness of last year. But, a recent study actually found that the divorce rate plummeted last year! So much for the divorce tsunami.

The divorce rate study

The divorce rate study was conducted by Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research. It analyzed the five states that released their divorce numbers for 2020. And, it is this data that contradicts the divorce tsunami theory.

The numbers in Florida

Our state was the largest state that the study analyzed. It found that divorce rates were 28% lower than in 2019. Marriages were also down by 33%.

What the numbers mean for the U.S.

It is estimated that for the U.S., there were about 200,000 less divorces last year than expected. Even more concerning may be the fact that marriages dropped by over 300,000 as well.

Behind the numbers

Of course, this does not mean that couple in 2020 were in unexpected marriage bliss. Instead, 2020 brought new challenges that likely made staying together the more practical solution. After all, divorce, if no guided by a profession, can be an expensive endeavor, and in uncertain economic times, couples may be seeking alternative solutions.

The numbers may be expected

While some may be surprised by these numbers, they are actually in line with year over year numbers because marriage and divorce rates were already declining. This is because, as a society, we have changed our approach to marriage. Young people are waiting longer, some even forgoing marriage entirely. This, in turn, means there are less marriages and less people to get divorced. And, for those that do decide to marry, they are more affluent and better educated, who are statistically more likely to stay together. Indeed, the divorce rate peaked in 1980 and has steadily declined ever since.

For residents in Hernando County, Florida, and Citrus, Sumter, and Pasco Counties, divorce can offer a fresh start. Though, the first step is contacting an attorney.