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Alleged DUI driver hits and kills motorcyclist, then flees

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Criminal Defense

There are many motorcycles on the road in Hernando County and the surrounding areas of Florida. Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks are expected to adhere to the law to help these riders stay safe. Since motorcyclists are so vulnerable to injuries and death when they are in a crash, it is imperative to share the road and follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, many drivers are reckless and disregard these fundamental requirements for safety. This can lead to a collision with injuries and fatalities. It compounds the situation if a driver collides with a motorcycle and flees the scene. One recent accident combined all these issues, led to the death of a rider and a woman being placed under arrest on myriad charges.

Driver runs stop sign and hits motorcycle, killing rider

An SUV driven by a 50-year-old woman ran a stop sign, went into the intersection and collided with the motorcycle. Both the SUV and the motorcycle hit a pickup that was stopped and waiting to turn. The driver of the pickup, a 46-year-old man, was not hurt. The rider, a 40-year-old female, died. She was wearing a helmet. After the accident, the SUV took off. Officers located the vehicle at the woman’s home and she was placed under arrest on several charges including driving under the influence, DUI manslaughter, fleeing the scene of a fatal accident and more.

Facing the aftermath of a fatal accident

People who are behaving in a dangerous manner and violating the law can cause untold damage. Motorcyclists who are following the rules for safety, behaving vigilantly and wearing the proper equipment are still putting an inherent level of trust in others that they too will behave responsibly. Ignoring traffic laws, driving after drinking or using drugs, and fleeing after a crash are all examples of acts that can cause injury and death.

People who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident should be cognizant of all they will face. That may include financial, personal and emotional hardships that can be difficult to get beyond. While a legal filing will not bring the person back, it can hold the person who caused the accident accountable.

Gathering evidence and filing a claim may require legal advice

Despite the driver of the SUV having been arrested on a slew of charges related to this accident, it is still imperative that the motorcyclist’s family have legal protection to assess their options. Consulting with an experienced personal injury legal professional can accrue evidence, assess the case and decide what is needed to file a claim. Calling for advice is crucial and should be one of the first steps taken in considering a wrongful death legal case.