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Drug possession charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Drug possession is a serious crime in Florida. When a person is charged and convicted with a possession crime, they can face significant legal sanctions and life-long challenges. For many, the assistance of criminal defense professionals can help make a difference throughout the process. Criminal defense attorneys can provide case-specific guidance, trial advocacy, and sentence negotiations for men and women facing drug possession crimes.

Elements of a possession charge in Florida

There are three basic elements that prosecutors must prove in order to secure a conviction for drug possession against an individual. These elements are discussed below.

  • Illegality of the substance: Prosecutors must prove that the allegedly illegal substance under the individual’s control was in fact illegal.
  • Knowledge of illegality of the substance: Proof of the individual’s actual or constructive knowledge of the illegality of the substance is required for conviction.
  • Possession of the substance: The individual must be proven to have had control over the substance in order to be convicted of a possession crime.

Criminal defense attorneys can help individuals disprove or refute these necessary elements to a drug possession crime.

Sanctions for drug possession crimes

Individuals charged with drug possession should take their legal problems seriously. Misdemeanor drug possession convictions can result in jail time, and felony convictions may yield prison sentences and hefty fines. Although there is no way to guarantee that an individual will avoid punishment and conviction on drug possession charges, they can take proactive steps to help their cases by seeking the counsel and support of criminal defense attorneys. This post offers information only on the serious subject of drug possession in Florida. No part of this post should be interpreted as legal advice or guidance on specific criminal cases.