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Surgical errors can result from medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Personal Injury

When a medical professional recommends that their patient undergoes surgery to remedy an illness or injury, it can be a heavy consideration. While modern surgeries are relatively safe, there are always risks inherent to any invasive medical procedures. Before a Floridian agrees to a surgical procedure, they should be aware of the risks that they may encounter from the process.

Risks are part of medical treatment, but mistakes are not. When a victim is subjected to medical negligence due to their doctor’s errors or omissions, they may have a claim for damages based on medical malpractice. This post does not provide medical or legal advice, but it does offer readers some information on common mistakes doctors make during surgical procedures.

Wrong patient surgery

A wrong patient surgery is an egregious medical mistake. It happens when a doctor performs a scheduled surgery but on the wrong person. Wrong patient surgeries occur when hospitals and medical centers fail to utilize important verification protocols to ensure that patients are administered the right procedures for their needs. A wrong patient surgery may be an actionable event.

Wrong procedure surgery

A wrong procedure surgery involves a patient who needs surgery receiving the wrong procedure for their ailment. Wrong procedure surgeries can relate to wrong patient surgeries when medical professionals and centers confuse the needs of patients who are under their care.

Wrong site surgery

A wrong site surgery happens when a patient receives the correct surgery but on the wrong part of their body. Wrong site surgeries are unfortunately common when surgical procedures are to be performed on bilateral body parts and systems. An example of a wrong site surgery may involve a doctor performing a procedure on a patient’s right leg when the surgery was needed on the left leg.

Surgical mistakes are serious medical malpractice events. Victims of these preventable medical malpractice situations can seek counsel from personal injury attorneys to educate themselves on their rights and legal options.