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How do people recover financially after the death of a spouse?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

When your spouse dies suddenly in a tragic accident, you may be left at a total loss. It can be hard to adjust to daily life without the person you love the most right there by your side, to say nothing of the difficulty that comes from grieving your chosen life partner.

Losing your spouse can seem like an insurmountable challenge with never-ending negative consequences for you and the rest of your family. How is it possible for people to recover from the real-world consequences of a spouse’s death?

There are many ways that families in Florida try to get by after a tragic loss. Your spouse may have had a life insurance policy that will adequately provide for you and your children at least initially after their death. However, they may not have  had life insurance or may only have gotten enough coverage for the cost of a funeral.

Given that your family will likely experience financial hardship as a result of the death, if a person or a business directly caused your loss through misconduct, lack of oversight or negligence, you may have grounds to bring a wrongful death suit under Florida law.

Such a lawsuit can help you recover provable financial losses such as wages and benefits your spouse would have learned, the cost of their unpaid labor around the house or for the family and even punitive damages if you can prove gross negligence or intentional misconduct. While a wrongful death claim won’t diminish your grief, it can at least alleviate the secondary consequences of this tragedy.